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Created 9-Apr-12
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We took a trip to Toronto to make our wedding rings at a lovely jeweler called The Devil's Workshop!
Stopped on the road because the moon was looking crazy!Ring blanks.Find your ring size!close up of the blank that became Betsy's ring.And from the frontAnd another from the frontAfter sanding one end, you chop off the otherAfter the ends are sanded, you bend the ring into a rough formbetsy contemplating the flatness of her sandingSanding away. Getting the edges as flat as possibleMore sandingAnother shot of the ring sizing thingYou have to hammer the ring such that the ends touch. More like an elongated oval.More hammering. It's a brutal art at times.Betsy making sure the ends are lined up.Annealing the ring so it can be worked with.Betsy soldering.She's cute when she's concentrating.Love that smirk.

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